Stationary rentals: what they are and how they work

Team OutdoorsyAugust 30, 2022

Stationary rentals: what they are and how they work

The majority of RV rentals on Outdoorsy involve a guest who handles all aspects of towing/driving the RV, setting it up at the campsite, and getting the RV back to the host. But an increasing number of rentals on Outdoorsy follow a different game plan. Imagine if you could rent an RV on Outdoorsy and have it ready and waiting for you at your campsite when you arrive. That’s exactly what happens with a stationary rental.

Stationary rentals are growing in popularity because many folks want the camping experience without the stress of towing and setup. Additionally, many guests don’t have vehicles capable of towing the larger campers on our platform, so stationary rentals open this door.

Whether you’re an Outdoorsy host looking to expand your offerings or someone looking to rent on our platform, it’s helpful to understand how a stationary rental could work for you. 

What is a stationary rental?

A stationary rental is an RV rental that is delivered to a campsite and is not moved for the duration of the rental period. Your host delivers it to you, helps you get it set up, and returns to pick it up once you’re done camping. 

What are the benefits of a stationary rental?

There are many benefits of stationary rentals for both the RV host and the guest. 

For hosts:

  • You’ll never have to worry about whether or not a guest has a vehicle that is capable of safely towing your camper.
  • No stress about your RV getting damaged on the road.
  • You’ll be able to help your guest get set up at their campsite.

For guests:

  • Our Protection Package for stationary rentals costs less because you’re not driving — the same great coverage we offer on all our rentals, for less. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the road trip. Simply arrive at your campsite and enjoy.
  • In most cases, the host will help you hook up your RV to power, water, and sewer

How can I search for a stationary rental?

  1. Start your search on by plugging in a city near where you’d like to camp.
  2. Once you see the list of available rentals come up, filter for “delivery.”
  3. When you select delivery, you’ll be asked to provide the address of your actual campsite.
  4. Once you provide the address, Outdoorsy will filter the list to show only the RVs where hosts offer delivery.
  5. You can pick the one you like and communicate directly with the host to make all arrangements. 

Note that hosts will charge additional fees for this service. The fees will vary depending on the rig and the distance the host travels to deliver to you. 

Examples of stationary rentals on Outdoorsy

Say you want to show up by the beach and make camp in a wonderful little glamper. This Airstream Bambi would be a great option because the host will take care of drop off, set up, and pick up for you.

Or, if the mountains are more your speed, you could pick a campsite around Denver, get the whole family together, and order up this bunkhouse camper right to your campsite. 

Choosing a stationary rental can also allow you access to RVs like this luxury fifth-wheel that would otherwise be out of range for most tow vehicles.  

What does the Stationary Protection Package cover?

We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading Protection Package options for peer-to-peer RV rentals. When you choose a Stationary Protection Package, you’ll benefit from great coverage that’ll give you peace and comfort while you camp. 

For hosts, the Stationary Protection Package coverage starts the moment you leave home for the delivery and ends when you arrive to pick up your RV—your trip home is not covered. During the rental period, you’ll be protected by up to $300,000 in Comprehensive protection for your RV.

As a guest, you’ll benefit from 24/7 customer support as part of your Stationary Protection Package. Our Stationary Protection Package will cover you in case the RV is damaged at your campsite. Stationary coverage is also less costly because the RV is only being moved by its owner. The savings are passed to you when you rent.

While the thrill of the open road in an RV calls to many, others want the joy of camping without the stressors of maneuvering a large vehicle. That’s why stationary rentals can be a great option. They are a simple and affordable way to take a family vacation that creates lifelong memories.

Team Outdoorsy, Outdoorsy Author

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