A New Way to Stay: Luxury Outdoor Stays are Now Just a Click Away

Josh SchukmanApril 4, 2023

A New Way to Stay: Luxury Outdoor Stays are Now Just a Click Away

Our Outdoorsy journey began with a bolt of inspiration under fluorescent light. That was back in 2014 when our founders — sitting in a stuffy board meeting illuminated by said apparatus — took one look at each other and realized this wasn’t it. 

Since then, we’ve been seekers of the best ways to bring the outdoors in. We started with peer-to-peer RV rentals. and we’ve now grown into a tremendous tribe of folks sharing outdoor experiences with each other. 

And it is on that note that we are ecstatic to announce a new way to stay in the outdoors. Outdoorsy Stays is our sparkling new Airbnb-type service that puts things like tiny homes, yurts, geodesic domes, vintage Airstreams, lake cabin rentals, and other luxury outdoor accommodations right at your fingertips. 

We just launched in all of California and we’ll be coming to more places very soon. Let’s jump in to see how you can turn the key to this swell new platform.

Outdoorsy Stays screenshot

How to book an Outdoorsy Stay

The outdoors are the heart of our mission and that’s why we’ve embedded outdoor stays right into the main part of our site. That’s right — you can now book luxury outdoor accommodations in the same way you might’ve previously found an RV for rent on Outdoorsy. 

Simply jump to our homepage, toggle to Stays, and hit the ‘explore stays’ button. You’ll then see all the different types of glamping accommodations we have to choose from. 

Filters? Oh ya, we’ve got those too. You can filter for cabins, luxury tents, treehouses, yurts, tiny homes, and more. 

You can filter for outdoor stays that have amenities like firepits, hot tubs, patios, and anything else that might make your stay more memorable. 

You can even filter for the types of scenery you want out your front door — from mountains to deserts to beaches to vineyards and beyond. 

Stays screenshot

What are the different types of outdoor stays? 

Outdoor accommodations are a reflection of the creativity and passion of each individual owner. These owners do far more than provide an outdoor Airbnb like space — they blend their stay with the surroundings. So, whether you seek a desert oasis, a beachside tiny home, or a lakeside cabin, luxury outdoor stays are just as much about the scenery as they are about the lodging itself.  

Here are the main types of stays you’ll find as you search:

YurtsYurts are circular luxury tents that have roots dating back thousands of years. The first Yurt’ers were nomads in places like Siberia, Mongolia, and Turkey.

Nowadays, Yurts are glamping accommodations that can feature luxury amenities like bathrooms with tubs and stocked-up kitchenettes.

CabinsBarndominiums, A-frame tiny homes, and other unique structures tucked into the woods are what you’ll find in this category.

The best thing about a cabin is you get to choose your own adventure. If you want a dry camping cabin that’s full-on rustic with no power or running water, you can snag it for some primal camping that still gets a solid roof over your head.

Or, if you prefer more comforts of home, the sky’s the limit. Cabins featuring plush beds, cozy kitchens, and lux bathrooms are on this menu.

Glamping cabin in California

Tents These are uber-nice canvas-style tents that can feature a shocking array of amenities on the inside. Bell tents, for example, can be large enough to pack in a living room, bedroom, and bathroom all under canvas. Check out this guide we put together to discover the different types of glamping tents out there.

Stationary campersThink things like vintage Airstreams and other quirky (yet uber-comfy) rigs that create camping comfort in a picturesque setting. Many of these outdoor accommodations will also feature decks, fire rings, luxury outdoor showers, and other outdoor amenities to enjoy during your stay.

Unique staysTreehouses that put you in the lap of luxury.

Earth domes that live in harmony with nature while providing Airbnb-type service.

Luxury houseboats that redefine the ‘lake cabin rental’ category.

These are spots that are built for oohs and ahhs. 

Geodesic dome short term rental in California

Filter in your perfect stay

We’ve built some rad filters into Outdoorsy Stays that’ll let you bring the outdoors in on your terms. Here are the types of things you can filter for on your next California stay:

Amenities — The thing about outdoor accommodations is that amenity offerings vary depending on the experience being created.

That’s why we set up the filters on Stays to allow you to tailor your vacation to your liking.

You can pick places that have kitchen amenities inside or places where you can do your cooking outside.

You could pick a place with a pool or a place by a lake.

Filter for a place that comes with all the bathroom fixins’ or a place where you bring your own.

Glamping is about creating the experience in the outdoors that best fits you. Our amenity filter helps you do that. 

Luxury tent for rent in California

Scenery — This filter lets you decide what you wake up to each morning.

Desert sunrise? We’ve got that.

Vineyard views? Cheers to that.

Waterfront? Absolutely.

Glamping is just as much about the scenery you camp in as it is about the accommodation itself.

Activities —  Staying in the outdoors and unplugging wouldn’t be complete without a few fun things to do at camp.

That’s why our Stays platform lets you filter for spots that have the stuff that you want to do.
Whether you want to fish from your lakeside cabin, go horseback riding through the hills, or try your hand at rock climbing — we have a filter for that. 

Horseback rider
Horseback riding is one of the activity filters with Outdoorsy Stays

Where are Outdoorsy Stays?

They’ll be everywhere one day soon 😀 Right now, we’ve launched all over California so you can find glamping near Joshua Tree National Park, luxury outdoor camping near Sequoia National Forest, nature-focused stays near San Francisco, lux yurts, cabins, and domes near Los Angeles, and so much more. 

Jump here to dig into all the stays we’ve got on our docket. 

What to pack for an Outdoorsy Stay

The answer to this question depends on the Stay type you choose. Like we chatted about above, outdoor accommodations are really a choose-your-own-adventure scenario. 

Most stays will come with bedding, while some adventures might involve packing your own sleeping bag. Some come with stocked kitchens while others inspire outdoor cooking. You can use our filters to find the type of adventure that fits you.

No matter what type of stay you choose, here are a few things we say you should never be without: 

S’more supplies

Fire cooking gear

Outdoor adventure equipment (e.g. if there are mountain biking trails nearby — be sure to pack your wheels or have a place to rent them)

Toiletries tailored to your specific stay category

Bear spray and bug spray 

Hydration gear

Headlamps for nighttime exploring

Meal ingredients that match your stay type

Clothing and gear that fits the scenery and activities of your stay

Want to list a stay of your own?

If you have a hip outdoor accommodation like a tiny home, cabin, yurt, glamping tent, vintage Airstream, or anything else that gets folks outdoors in style, we’d love to have you list it with us!

You can now list a Stay with us all on your own by using this page.

And we’ll be here to help all along the way to get that Outdoorsy audience right to your door.

Luxury tent

Our Outdoorsy journey might’ve been born under fluorescent lights, but it blossomed as we inspired hundreds of thousands of people to bring the outdoors in. Outdoorsy Stays is a new way to capture the healing power of nature through a diversity of luxury outdoor accommodations. This is a fitting step on our journey and it’s one we’re elated to share with you.

So jump on now and see the sorts of Stays you can book in California today.

Josh and his wife traveled around the country in an '88 Airstream for 4+ years of full-time RVing. They made an unexpected pitstop in Montana in 2020 and haven't left since. That's because they got hooked on the glamping resort they run by Glacier National Park. Fittingly, they keep up their RVing love by renting out vintage Airstreams and other retro RVs to travelers hitting Montana.

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